Here are a few testimonials we have received from actual members of the website. If you would like to share your experience, please contact us.

Senior Friend

"My husband’s company recently relocated, so we had to move 4 hours away from where we were living. My mother is in a Senior Citizen home and she didn't want to move. She is very comfortable where she is living and we decided to let her stay. The problem was we were not able to visit her every day being 4 hours a way. I was speaking with one of the nurses at her living center and explained my concerns that I was not able to be there for her every day and the nurse told me about RentAFriend.com. I was a little skeptable at first, but decided to give it a try. I found a young women in her 20’s that I’ve hired to visit my mother twice a week. She talks about current events, plays board games, and is just a young face to keep her mind active. I get to see my mother on the weekends, but its nice to know that there is someone to visit her during the week." Shelia F. Massachusetts

Movie Buddy

"I'm a movie fanatic. I try to catch every movie that comes out in theaters, but I don't like going by myself. I want someone there with me who can enjoy the movie, then catch a bite to eat afterwards to talk about it. RentAFriend.com is great for me. I know have an endless supply of people to contact to go with me to the movies night or day. Thank you!" Steve M, Arizona

Tour Guide

"My family and I were traveling to NYC for our first vacation. Being from the south, we have never experienced a big city and were a little nervous. I was looking online for tour guides when I found RentAfriend.com. What a unique concept. I signed up and found a college student from the city. She was very knowledgeable and we hired to meet her every day at noon. We were planning on renting a car, but she explained that is was not neccessary. She taught us how to use the subway which can be very scary for someone who doesn’t know what they are doing. She even taught us how to hail a taxi! We couldn’t get a taxi to stop for us, but she showed us the correct way to get their attention. There are so many little things that we never knew about that would have probably caused us a lot of headaches. She even taught us how to bargain with people on the street. She was well worth it, and we have been back to the city one time since then and she had a bunch of new activities planned for us. We are very thankful for such a great website." Michael S. Virginia


"Dancing is my passion. I've been dancing for almost 30 years. It's something I love to do, and I do it daily. I use RentAFriend.com to meet people who can teach me new dances. I come from a background in classical dance, but through RentAFriend.com I've met some wonderful people who have taught me some amazing dances that I would have never thought of learning such as Irish dancing, tap dancing and even step dancing! What a marvelous website." Victoria S. New York

Workout Partner

"I belong to a gym here in my town that costs $30 a month. The problem is I have zero motivation to work out. I wanted to hire a personal trainer but they charged $35 an hour at my gym. All of my friends have busy schedules and the other half don’t like to work out. I searched on RentAfriend.com for workout buddies and found a guy from my town. After talking with him I told him I’d pay his gym membership he if would train with me 3 days a week. He thought it was a fair trade. Now I go to the gym 3 days a week for an hour each day and I have someone there to spot me, and motivate me to work out. It’s a fantastic deal! I get my own trainer, and he gets a free membership to a gym. We couldn’t be happier." Jack J. Florida

Travel Companion

"I have to travel for work about 10 days a month. I get sent all over the US for a couple of days at a time, and it gets lonely. I’m happily married and wasn’t looking for anything more than just a friend. I wanted a friend who I could go out to dinner with, maybe even catch a movie with while I was away. My wife found the website RentAfriend.com and signed me up. It’s great that I now have friends all over the US. I pick out a few friends from RentAfriend.com when I know I'm traveling and my wife sets it up. It’s a great service." Steve G. Washington

Personal Chef

"I’m single and live in Los Angeles. I’m an attorney and have a very busy work schedule normally working 12-15 hours a day. I met Eric on RentAFriend.com who is a student at the Le Cordon Blue College. I work hard, so I'm always in the mood for a good unique meal when I get home. So I made an arrangements with Eric. I pay for the groceries, and Eric makes me dinner and himself dinner. He calls me in the afternoon to give me some options for the evening and I tell him what I want and about what time I'll be home. Then on my way home from work I stop by his apartment and pick up my food. I get to eat amazing meals, and he gets to practice and eat for free. It's the perfect friendship." Alberto Z. Los Angeles