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Tyi-Rai Female 50 years old
Bakersfield, CA, United States


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Average Hazel Blonde A little above average Caucasian

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Contact I can organize a group of people to hang out with. (for a party, big event, etc)


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Phone Friend, Email Penpal, Introduce you to people, Wingman / Wingwoman, Poetry/Art/Drawing, Coffee House, Book Stores, Bowling, Site Seeing, Hot Air Balloon, Photography, Zoo, Music, Teaching Manners, Pottery, Baking / Cooking, Museums, Amusement Parks, Wine Tasting, Friends with Seniors, Going To Park, Personal Advice, Business Events, Parties, Hanging Out, Beach, Giving Tours, Movies, Dinner, Clubbing, Going to Bar, Sporting Events, Family Functions, Travel, Arcades, Picnics, Casino, Psychic, Religious, Comedy Club, Shopping, Board Games

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Every human should have a least one other human who knows their soul, who knows the DNA of their heart. Some that just is so you can just be. Right or wrong. Yes or no. Crazy or Sane. Every should human should know there will be at least one last human standing for them no matter what forever and for always. I will be that friend for you. I can sit and listen to nothing with you. I can jump on stage and steal the mic from Brittney Spears so you sing "OOPS WE DID IT AGAIN!" If you want skydive I'll catch you. You want be a famous person I'll have a limo pick you to drive you around and body guards staving of the crazy fans. If I can't, I promise to make sure you do. If you don't know. I will know. I look forward to being that one other human in another human's life. P.S.I have references if you want to verify I really am that kind of awesome friend.

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