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girl next door Female 45 years old
Bakersfield, CA, United States


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Tall Hazel Black A little above average Caucasian

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Phone Friend, Email Penpal, Introduce you to people, Wingman / Wingwoman, Poetry/Art/Drawing, Coffee House, Book Stores, Bowling, Site Seeing, Hiking, Hot Air Balloon, Photography, Zoo, Music, Teaching Manners, Workout Partner, Pottery, Baking / Cooking, Museums, Amusement Parks, Golf, Wine Tasting, Friends with Seniors, Going To Park, Prom Dates, Personal Advice, Business Events, Parties, Hanging Out, Snowboarding, Skiing, Beach, Giving Tours, Movies, Dinner, Clubbing, Going to Bar, Sporting Events, Family Functions, Travel, Outdoors, Swimming, Arcades, Video Games, Picnics, Casino, Psychic, Biking, Yoga, Religious, Comedy Club, Shopping, Board Games

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I'm the "girl next door" type. I can be a Belle of the Ball or a Tom Boy. I'm supportive, but will give my opinion for you to take it or leave it and won't judge you. I believe everyone is there own person and we should relish that fact. I don't get upset easy because I've had a bad day, so all the rest is easy from here. I love to explore and I love a treasure hunt. Going through old stuff is a passion of mine. I can't wait for people to get rid of there stuff or help organize their items and let me take home what you don't want. I like to antique shop. I create my own fashion, which is a pretty/fun/bold/tom boy attitude. I remodel homes and can help give you advise or do the job . If I am your friend, I promise to have full faith in whatever you want to do. I can be a researcher if your looking for something as well as if you just need to talk it out, I'll be there for you. I'm involved in Real Estate and I love looking at old houses. I love to travel and see new things as well as showing you places to see. I'm a thinker and can most of the time make something out of nothing. Anyway, my best description of me is that I'm "real" and treasure life because your whole world can change in an instant.

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